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 - HTML and JAVA Script Programmers
 - Internet SQL Database Programmers
 - .NET, ASP and PHP Programmers
 - Graphic Artists and Illustrators
 - Multimedia Experts (Animation, Flash, Video, Audio)

The process to become an active independent contractor involves:

 1. Submitting your resume.
 2. Define your availability by location, number of hours,
     times of day, etc.
 3. Provide at least 3 references.

If your talents match our needs, we'll check your references, and the next step is:

 1. Signing our professional services agreement (intent to do
     work contract).
 2. Providing supporting documentation (required by law).
 3. We enter you into our active contractor database.
When we have a project that fits your talents and availability, we will contact you to discuss the services needed, the timelines and the pay for that particular project.

When we agree on these things, the next step is:

 1. Sign a "Scope of Work" addendum to your contract.
 2. Begin work!

To become an independent contractor for Ocampa, contact us by email.


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